Interitus is a major city in Umbra. Built near a mountain range with abundant minerals (particularly iron), Interitus acts as major center for trade. Interitus houses a significant building from each of the Factions of Umbra, including the main headquarters of the Explorer’s League. While there is no source of data on the topic, Interitus is believed to be one of the largest cities in Umbra.


Interitus is a slightly moderated Plutocracy. Most of the ruling council is comprised of those who have “notable interest” in the success of the city. Mostly this is comprised of owners of major guilds, barons, and other significant individuals. Members are added to this group by nomination and majority vote from standing members. However, there are 5 council members who are elected by the population of the city to serve as a voice for the common people, so that their needs are understood (if only to keep them appeased).

Currently the council has 47 members – including the 5 elected representatives.


Interitus was initially a mining venture by a group of investors. The initial mine was far more prosperous and deep than the investors initially speculated. As a result, they quickly adjusted and settled in for a longer project. After establishing a more permanent settlement, the town grew over time to become a notable city.

As the population grew, religious interests brought in a presence from The Temple of the Light and their knights. The economy continued to grow and so more and more expensive goods began to exchange hands. Once a noticeable market for rare magic items was developed, the Arcani Magorix moved into the city to help keep it clean. Along with the prosperity came threats to the stability of the city. Occasionally, threats would strain the resources of the city guard. Zhyterra established a branch in Interitus to fill this need and make profit.

Eventually, the mining operations accidentally broke into what appeared to be some sort of massive, underground dungeon. This mystery peaked the interest of many adventurers. Eventually, the number of adventurers eager to explore the dungeon was so large (and their efforts so chaotic) that a group of prominent adventurers founded the Explorer’s League in Interitus to help organize adventurers and help them find useful work that hadn’t already been done. While the League has found great success in doing this, the dungeon, which has come to be known as The Black Pit, remains an ongoing project.

Interitus had not experienced any large-scale conflicts until recently. A group of orcs – believed to be consorting with demons – recently placed the city under siege where it remains to this day.


Until recently, Interitus struggled greatly to develop its infrastructure as it had no natural source of wood. As a result, the city had to pay significantly for great sums of lumber to continue expanding and developing. Recently, an alliance of Interitus and some of the major organizations in the city founded a lumber mill and an accompanying village to provide the city with a cheap source of wood. The success of the operation cause a significant boom in the city and it’s growth. However, the recent siege has put a damper on this effort. While the effects of the siege have yet to be truly felt, there is a great amount of trepidation permeates the population.


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